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The new generation of smart phones.. Which phone is best for me?

You can see new smart phones are releasing in every three months and most of them are competitive in the market.This blog post is basically talks about the best present day smart phones and how we can differentiate smart phones based on various factors.

One of the definition of smart phones on the WiKi is “A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality”.

Smart Phone combination’s and my requirements.

Being a layman in the mobile world, I began searching to choose a smart phone for me and i end up figuring out three major factors that involves for every smart phone along with my needs. So when ever i see a new smart phone, i compare my requirements with below smart phone combination’s.

Phone combination’s:
1) Phone Manufacturer – Apple/HTC/Motorola etc..
2) Phone OS software – RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows mobile etc..
3) Phone Service Provider – AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint etc…

My requirements

Generally, every one have some influence on society(friends/colleagues/family) while choosing a smartphone. It is our choice to choose best among because we see the worth of the product by means and ways of usage in every days life.

Which Smart phone gives you best
1)Data Sync (email, calender, task list etc.) functionality while you are at place where signal strength is normal.
2)Best Rate plan from the provider along with a coverage where you want.
3)Best piece Design with style and more personal options to operate smart phone
4)User friendly operating system with more functionality like multitasking
5)User friendly options while data transfer to other systems and maintenance of system files.
6)People talk about apps, camera, battery and formats are more or less same in each phone
7)Of course how long you stay in one place is a factor while choosing a smartphone with SIM card option or not..

Choosing a best combination of above could lead you a best smart phone buyer for your needs.

The new versions of smart phones are coming with greater speed with latest OS. I could see more models are with Android OS than Apple.  You can select of yours with same OS along with different providers and manufacturers.
Some of the features that i like in my smart phone are
1) Instant notifications of email/Tasks/voice data sync with normal signal strength
2) Running multi tasks like GPS,browser search, other apps
3) Customized screens, skins and colors…

I happen to see major smart phones with my friends and colleagues. Society’s influence is more on people’s mind while choosing a smart phone by some extent. Which smart phone you selected will tell you how smart you are..in the ever changing fast smart phones world.

Smart phones are much more than just cell phones. We can pick so many features .. like instant access to web, Sync with your desktop for docs and mails, serve as a multimedia devices sharing pictures videos of family and friends, ability to play mp3 songs while on travel and running a range of Apps like games and business/general apps in every-days life.

People are comparing Smart phones basically on certain factors like space/bandwidth/phone design/apps/GPs/Wi-fi/camera/battery and etc… most of the good smart phones like iphone 3GS/Nexus one/Motorola Droid/Mytouch 3G/PalmPre Plus /Blackberry Bold are giving more or less same specs with the price they offer.

Click here to see the comparison of best smart phones.
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