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My other posts are related to websites, product/service opinion, trips and anything of my interest other than SAP stuff…

  1. I had a deep breath on the moment that i heard Sachin retires from ODI Cricket 
  2. How do I define India’s winning moments in Cricket World Cup 2011
  3. ESPNcricinfo all-time World XI Vs my Team from the shortlist.
  4. Think Google beyond a Search Engine!
  5. Blogs and social networking sites in everyday’s Internet life
  6. The new generation of smart phones.. Which phone is best for me?
  7. How to Buy a Domain and Host a Website for Free
  8. Creating Records in Twitter followers by Cricket Legend Sachin
  9. Family trip to Hershey and Pittsburgh
  10. Family trip to 1000 Islands NY, USA
  11. My trip to New Jersey to watch a Telugu movie?
  12. Why You need a Personal Website

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