This page contains SAP Related posts. The main topics will be from SAP EWM, SAP WM, SAP LE and SAP in general.

Don’t expect more personal opinion (content) on SAP posts.  These posts are not intended to knowledge seekers. It’s basically content collection arranged in my own way for my quick reference. Krishna Reddy Tallapureddy

1.Understand about SAP Warehouse Management
2.Fixed Bin Replenishment in SAP ECC6.0
3.Importance of Storage Bin/Bin types in SAP WM
4.Order Fulfillment with SAP WM
5.Cross Docking Functionality in SAP ECC 6
6.Dynamic Cycle Counting in SAP WMS
7.Use of Mobile Data Entry into Warehouse Management Transactions in SAP
8.SAP WM Cutover activities for any new client
9.Understanding the Packing function in SAP ECC6.0
10.SAP WM business Processes along with a list of few Tcodes, Tables and functional modules
11.Wave Picks in SAP Logistics Execution
12.Posting Change in WM and IM – SAP ECC6.0
13.Outbound delivery creation function in SAP Logistics Execution
14.Creating a Query in SAP ECC 6.0
15.Background Jobs in SAP Logistics Execution
16.Understanding the concept of Routes (LE-SHP) in SAP ECC 6.0
17.Overview of SAP IDoc processing
18.SAP Certification in LE-WM
19.SAP Certification in Extended Warehouse Management-EWM
20.Understanding SAP Decentralized Warehouse Management
21.Understanding SAP EWM in comparison with SAP WM
22.SAP EWM Live customers and Sites.
23.Important SAP EWM Tables
24.SAP Ranked Revenue Leader in Warehouse Management Systems Software- SAP news room
25.SAP’s eBook: Supply Chain Execution.
26.Automatic Wave assignments in SAP EWM
27.Understanding Storage Control in SAP Extended warehouse Management.
28.SAP EWM Best Practices with Building Blocks methodology
29.Understanding Warehouse Order and Activity area combination in SAP EWM
30.Understanding Work Centers in SAP EWM
31.Understanding the Integration of PPF and Condition Technique
Understanding Pick Denial in SAP EWM
33.Understanding Exception Codes in SAP EWM
34.Understanding SAP EWM Replenishment Strategy
35.Understanding Transportation Unit in SAP EWM


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